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Open yourself to the East

How are Nike burka sold? What is the South Korean culture like? What is matchmaking for the Japanese?

China, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Japan and many others – including Poland. What kind of opportunities and risk are waiting for entrepreneurs and employees seeking to embark on on Asian and African markets?
At ITE, we create a harmonious team of young people from all over Poland, to whom you can also join today.
Specialists in the field of Eastern cultures, experienced organizers, representatives of the business world and students of various majors from the best Polish universities are some of the members that make the ITE .
You will find us everywhere that concern:
  • activities supporting economic development
  • cooperation between societies at the international level
  • promotion of Polish enterprises operating in the eastern markets
Our mission is to help students, graduates and employers to meet together at the path to a better understanding of the business culture in the Middle East.
Want to find out more? You are more than welcome to contact us!